0% Waste

You won’t find the small Japanese town of Kamikatsu in the itinerary of those traveling to Japan. Yet, the town of which population is numbered at 1,374 was recently placed on the global map for its sustainable living policy. In 2020, Kamikatsu will reach the ultimate goal to be the world’s first ‘zero waste’ town.

In Kamikatsu, all waste is separate into 45 categories and then sent to be recycled. Everything. Every bit of waste. It demonstrates that it is possible for the entire population to live under an environmentally-friendly policy. While the whole world tries to face global warming, to fight the enormous consumption, and to challenge other environmental threats, the people of Kamikatsu have found the winning formula, since started the journey of living in garbage-free in 2003.

How does this work? There are no garbage trucks in town, and each household and store are responsible for washing, sorting and delivering their trash to the recycling center. The ambitious goal, to achieve 100% no waste by the end of 2020, will be fulfilled soon. 

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