A Morning with Sebastian Errazuriz

eThis is a thank-you note to artist/designer Sebastian Errazuriz for hosting my class at his amazing studio in Brooklyn this morning. Errazuriz, who has become an integral part of the NYC’s design world since moving here ten years ago, epitomizes the new role of the designer of the 21st century. With conceptual, provocative, and daring design that is full of narratives and tends to reveal itself in various layers, he has come to capture our age. Errazuriz is not concerned with a quest for signature language or style, nor is he interested in pleasing critics, clients, collectors, or the art market, but his world is illuminted by the the process of expressing the richness of his inner world and the complexity of our world in the most liberated way. But along with the conceptual nature of his work, Errazuirz possesses the most exquisite sense of beauty and aesthetic sensibility, as under his hands, even the most difficult harsh realities are presented in a form of beauty. He does not need to challenge boundaries between art and design, as in the process of creating objects that are at time political, at time dealing with social issues, at time are expressed in the most stylish and dramatic forms, boundaries are crossed in the most natural, spontaneous way. With a deep understanding of the sensitive dialogue between art and the marketplace, Errazuriz captures the complexity, sophistication, and dynamic of the design world in the 21st century. Thank you, Sebastian for the most inspiring morning that we spent at your studio.

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