Aldo Bakker: Slow Motion

If you pay full attention to Aldo Bakker’s objects, you can come out different. With sharper eye, more sophisticated, more knowledgeable. Because what we can all learn from Bakker is the power of simplicity to move the soul and that what looks at first like an effortless elegance is in fact the result of tremendous efforts, testimony to a quest for the perfect. His work is the ultimate expression of Minimalism and its complexity. I was thrilled to learn about the current solo show which opened this evening at Carpenters Workshop Gallery, entitled Slow Motion, and featuring new work by the Dutch, Amsterdam-based designer. You can ‘read’ his pieces in two layers. The first is the obvious appreciation of the magical forms, the balance, harmony and fine craftsmanship. But, you can also dig deeper into the meanings and get a rewarding experience that reveals your own capacities and potential. I particularly loved the new minimal tables which are crafted of stone or lacquered foam and those stools of tribal forms which have been a part of Bakker’s iconography for long. Photo Credit: Courtesy Carpenters Workshop Gallery

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