Chihuly at NYBG

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the glorious spring day of yesterday than visiting the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx and its show CHIHULY. While Dale Chihuly’s enormous and vibrant glass installations are highly visible in hotels, museums, transportation hubs, institutions, and casinos across the globe, and he has created exhibitions in such urban centers as Jerusalem, where his sculptures came to shine against the ancient city, they are in their best when shown outdoor. Chihuly’s innovative forms and colors converse so well with nature, that you start seeing the landscape differently. I am not sure whether it is because his forms are organic, but they really don’t compete with their surroundings, but rather complement each other in the most magical way. Thus, this dazzling exhibition allows us to stroll through the garden and the brilliant sculptures within it and to feel like nature is energized, as if you are walking in a dream, in a fantastic world of the type envisioned by the German Expressionist writer Paul Scheerbart. The interplay between the 20 installations of the glass and the life in the garden allows a great experience that should not be missed. All images courtesy of the New York Botanical Garden. 

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