Collecting Chinese Contemporary Design

Full voice of Chinese contemporary design is presented by Parisian auction house PIASA this week, with a curated sale dedicated to collectible, unique, and limited edition contemporary Chinese design, representing three generations of designers; some of whom have been known and others are introduced to European collectors and audience for the first time. This event is a result from a collaboration between PIASA and Morgan Morris of Prefect Crossovers Paris Beijin, the curator. While Chinese designer Shao Fan, who have become known internationally in the early 2000’s demonstrated that tradition and history are the most powerful and ambitious sources of inspiration and stimulation in the creation of contemporary design, this curated sale at PIASA, further enhances this realm. In recognizing historical Chinese material culture and design, the new generation of local designers, we learn, show that the power of high tech, cutting edge technology, and digitally-driven processes are the main tools utilized by designers today in realizing the the interpretation of Chinese past and heritage. Among the designers included in the sale, which is schedule for October 25th are: Shao Fan, Frank Chou, Design MVW, Song Tao, Chen Yanfei, Guo Bin, Li Naihan, Lin Jing, Liu Feng, Ren Xiaoyong, Shi Jianmin, Shi Jinsong, Wu Haoyu, Xiao Tianyu, Zhang Zhoujie, Zhou Anbin. PIASA’s last curated design sale devoted to Brazilian design has been recently called ‘seminal,’ thus I look forward to seeing the impact of this ambitious project on the marketplace. A

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