Cristiano Toraldo di Francia (1941-2019)

Cristiano Toraldo di Francia (1941-2019). The Italian architect who in 1966 founded Superstudio, one of the most important and influential collectives of the Radical Design Movement of the 60s and 70s, died.
He should be remembered for his contribution to the development of conceptual design and architecture, critical approach, and for promoting sustainability during the 70s, when producing films that came to raise the awareness of the negative impact construction on the environment.
When presenting the group’s ambitions project ‘Continuous Monument: An Architectural Model for Total Urbanization,’ Superstudio proposed a critical view on urban planning at the time, illuminating on the anti-architectural idea, using grid systems to mediate spaces. Its series of furniture, called Quaderna, produced by Zanotta, illuminated the grid, the pieces “Sofo Sofa” (1968), “Sofa Bazaar” (1968), Passiflora Table Lamp (1966), and the Polaris Excelsior table lamp (1968) have become icons. 

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