Design & Style, A Constant Thread

Whether in fashion, home accessories, interiors, gardening, or tabletop, Carolyne Roehm’s magnificent sense of style has made her an iconic American tastemaker. In her recent career, as an author of twelve books, she has become an educator, teaching the public about the art of living, about the value of living with beauty. But her latest book, Design & Style, A Constant Thread (published by Rizzoli), is different. It is her autobiography. This book presents her design philosophy which is heavily based on a deep knowledge of history, on the way she has reinterpreted history in the most sophisticated manner, and on her love for nature. But it also tells the story of her life in the most genuine, authentic way, and it is inspiring as she talks about finding strength and energy during difficult times. This book teaches us that connection brings hope. I am going to host Carolyne Roehm in the upcoming Harvest Dialogues which will air in three weeks. Stay tuned. 

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