Hugues Magen – The Explorer

Living in NYC, at the forefront of so many aspects of contemporary design culture, I have been fortunate to have witnessed and participated in premire events, to meet inspiring people, talented designers, and to visit amazing exhibitions. Fortunate, I say, because these experiences allowed me to develop a critical eye, to understand design, and then to shared that knowledge in my lectures all over the world. In my blog, I often feature design galleries, and one of my favorite galleries in NY is Magen H Gallery. Before founding this gallery Hugues Magen was a professional dancer at the Dance Theater of Harlem. His refined aesthetic sensibility is so intriguing and inspiring to me, because it never follows trends and vogues. In his gallery, he tends to focus almost exclusively on mid-century French design, but unlike many of his counterparts, Hugues has been engaged in an eternal quest for the undiscovered. He loves finding rare objects by little known designers, who at their time were visionaries, but whose careers have been neglected by those writing the history. This episode was produced for the Italian network Skyarte by 3D Produzioni, directed by Valeria Parisi, dressed by Anne Fontaine.  1133 Broadway #1610

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