Jacques and Dani Ruelland at Thomas Fritsch

After visiting some extraordinary homes of design/art collectors in Paris last week, I have become convinced that all of them possess special love for the work of French ceramist couple Jacques and Dani Ruelland. The duo, active in Paris during the 1950s and 1960s, created some of the most refined and elegant forms in the history of French ceramics. The man who is most synonymous with the renaissance and interest in French mid-century ceramics and pottery is certainly Thomas Fritsch whose Galerie Thomas Fritsch – Artrium on rue de Seine has become the temple of French ceramics for collectors worldwide. Fritsch has been known for the exhibitions of French ceramics he has curated and for initiating scholarship in this field. His seminal shows were devoted to such figures as Pol Chambost, Michel Anasse, Suzanne RamiĆ© – Atelier Madoura, and of course Jacques & Dani Ruelland whose solo show he opened in 2014. Thank you, Thomas Fritsch, for opening your wonderful gallery and for sharing your passion and expertise. I loved the way these ceramic objects are displayed on furniture by Philippon/Lecoq whose forms are equally refined and modern as the objects presented.  

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