Nicholas Kilner – The Historian

The interiors I have selected to feature in this series, produced for the TV program de.sign, represent the key capacities that stand at the core of the practice today: the curator, the collector, the explorer, and the historian. Nick Kilner represents the historian. His interiors are informed by a deep knowledge and passion for the history of design and architecture, and by his keen eye for great objects. Nick began his career at the London’s legendary antiques house of Mallet, where he gained an expertise in the world of antiques. With the rise of interest in 20th-century design, Nick has come to develop a special expertise in mid-century Italian furniture and lightings, and objects of historical significance, w­­­hich he currently presents at his jeweled and highly specialized gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is the journey of searching historical and well-designed objects in his tours throughout Italy, in the galleries and auctions worldwide, which has come to shape his passion for practicing interior décor. His knowledge in history that has come to shape his super educated and sophisticated taste, that brings him to select special objects that carry narrative and contain fascinating biography into his interiors. Director: Valeria Parisi; Producer 3D Produzioni; Dressed by Anne Fontaine. 

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