On NY Interiors and on why Interiors matter

This week, I am going to feature four magnificent interiors, which were featured in the TV program de.sign in Skyarte, produced by 3D Produzioni and directed by the great Valeria Parisi who knows how to depict interiors better than anyone I know. While interior design encompasses a massive variety of approaches, styles, and practices, I am intrigued by interiors that carry narrative, that have stories, interiors that are contemporary, but at the same time timeless. I find the intersection of interior design and art particularly intriguing. Combining art and well-designed objects of various periods is a crucial practice in today’s interior décor, because they provide spaces with life and with soul, and bring layers into the interiors, making them more interesting to look at and to live in. It is the objects that lift interiors beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary and bring designers the ability to create personal homes for their clients, that are unique and at the same time also reflect their own voice. The four New York interiors I have selected were created by great talents: Amy Lau, Hugues Magen, Brian McCarthy, and Nicholas Kilner, all friends, colleagues, and brilliant professionals who stand at the forefront of the New York City design world. Each post will feature one of these interiors and our conversations on what really matters in interior design. Thank you, Anne Fontaine for dressing me so stylishly.  

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