The Waldorf Astoria in Danger

 Rarely do I post an urgent request to sign a petition, but since it has to do with the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, I would like to let my readers know about a danger of losing one of New York’s greatest gems. The hotel has a special place in my hears as it was where I spent my first night in NY, long before it became my home. The epitome of the glamour and luxury of the Grand Hotel during the Golden Age of Travel, it was founded by the Astor family in the late years of the 19th century, but when demolished to make way for the Empire State Building, it moved to its present home, an Art Deco landmark in 1931, called the world’s tallest hotel for the next three decades. I was shocked to learn that in its upcoming renovation, all of the iconic and intact Art Deco public spaces will be stripped of their original décor. I have already signed the petition that comes to allow the LPC to act quickly to designate the exquisite public interior spaces of the Waldorf Astoria. I love that photo of the building during construction that depicts banquet waiters serving construction workers their meal (above). PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION RIGHT NOW! 

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